Watch the World’s TV, anywhere in the World, using the internet.
Watch TV from all over the world, anywhere in the World, on your computer - with the internet.


Download identity cloaker now for 7 Euros a month

How Safe Are You?

Safe is not just to have your information protected but it is also to remain anonymous to searches about your location and other details.

How can our information be accessed?

Download identity cloaker now for 7 Euros a month
  • We can have our normal internet traffic interrupted by criminals and hackers
  • ISP’s are able to keep your surfing history and some countries are keeping these records for Up to 2 years, giving selected agencies access to these accounts.
  • Proxy Servers also keep information, and these too can be easily monitored.
  • Wireless interruption by hackers is increasing, using Identity Cloaker and encrypting your information with a 256-bit impenetrable cipher gives you protection between you and our servers
  • Hide what you are sending, even if you access public networks, you will still have protection through encryption and a hidden address through our network of proxy servers
  • Online banking, sensitive data all sent securely and encrypted for protection
  • Make it impossible to eavesdrop your internet communication

Internet Access

Thanks to the internet, the world is becoming a smaller place, and yet there is a lot more information at our fingertips. But restrictions are appearing all over the world that limit viewing of channels solely by location. Use our Proxy Servers from the list available so that these restrictions aren't placed upon you. You will be registered by the server as if you were there.

Restricted Foreign Access

Some countries still have internal restrictions as to which websites you are allowed to visit internally or externally. However by using Identity Cloaker you will have free access even in these countries.

Identity Cloaker

Identity Cloaker, the company who my links take you to, is a European company and thus are providing this service, whilst meeting all European laws and directives. They have private and secure proxy servers in many countries run through rented offices or data centers and monitored by permanent staff.

Is security really needed?

I'm not out to try to scare you into getting this software; you only need to search online to find thousands of articles regarding peoples privacy being abused over the internet. I do not need to warn you of what is out there. The majority of us have already felt internet fraud, whether through online banking fraud, spyware, or other activities.

The software protects from these threats, and is very secure - but I think it has a great advantage - TV. Less than 7 euro’s a month for protection and all the good TV the world has to offer is a bargain!

Please view their website for the full specifications of security.