Watch the World’s TV, anywhere in the World, using the internet.
Watch TV from all over the world, anywhere in the World, on your computer - with the internet.

FAQs & Information

Please read this after you have installed and set up, this is just some help. For all other questions, please email these through to support or contact Identity Cloaker support.

InstallationInstallation - cogs and gears

  • Download to computer or USB stick in minutes; enter your username and access key from received email and open. Your first screen will be a list of the proxies in the countries and their response times (how quickly they can connect and transfer data to you).
  • Choose the correct one for you, and you are now protected and your location reads as if you are from that selected country.
  • Complete the user and password warning screen, (click remember password) and you are finished!

Tips for use

  • When Video streaming you will need to turn encryption off for a smoother signal.
  • VPN option may need to be turned on or off to view local channels from where you are.
  • Please remember when you have selected a Proxy server you are from that country, for example Google searches will be applicable to that country. You may need to select another country.
  • Live streaming of sporting events or other programs may have a little interruption due to the volume of people watching. This is rare, but for the best picture watch a recorded version even if its only an hour old.
  • Bookmark all the programs you wish to watch, by program and channel, this will make it easier to access in daily life. Name these bookmarks clearly.

Please email me all your feedback and I will keep this list updated.

What am I paying for? What costs €7 per month?

The €7 subscription fee is to the makers of the identity cloaker software. This allows them to pay to keep their servers up and running in other countries. It costs quite a lot to keep servers running and maintained well. Your subscription goes to keep the network up and running. You can then use the private, encrypted network to remain safe and watch tv from all around the world!

Why is the subscription in Euros?

The authors of Identity Cloaker are European. Their currency is the Euro. Its really that simple. So if you're not from the EU, and your currency is not Euros, don't worry. Just do a search on the web for "7 Euros in [your currency]", which should give you a straight up conversion in most search engines. What you pay is the equivalent of that, and it's relevant VAT. Simple!

I use a Mac. Can I still use this software?

Yes, you can still use this software. You just need to stipulate that you want the Mac version when you download identity cloaker from the website.

Is it legit?

Yes it is. The writers of identity cloaker assure us that the software is completely legal, and breaks no laws. The TV shows you watch in other countries are normally limited by location, and the server that is proxying your stream is in that country, hence is breaking no laws there either.