Watch the World’s TV, anywhere in the World, using the internet.
Watch TV from all over the world, anywhere in the World, on your computer - with the internet.


Secure and Streaming is a cheaper way of watching TV at home and away. Watching Internet TV has no satellite, monthly bills or installation - just your exisiting broadband connection allowing you to watch 1000's of streaming epsiodes and live TVwherever you are in the world, at the click of a button. Internet TV is now becoming a more popular way of viewing our entertainment giving us more choice and with endless possibilities.

All you have to pay for this is €7 per month, like a subscription. For more information see here.

Also the software will work on as many computers as you own, so everybody can use it.

SecureAndStreaming is an ideal solution for students at University, families on holiday, people travelling or staying with friends abroad, business people working away from home, and people in the forces stationed in another country.

Watch TV Anywhere

TV available from Canada, Europe, the USA & UK.

No satellite, no installation, just download and play.

See old and new episodes when you want, you choose!

Safe Experience

Secure and encrypted.

Remain anonymous and hidden.

Change the country you want to be located in.

Government level encryption.

Start Up Today!

Sign up at manufacturer's website and download in a couple of minutes.

Follow the instructions and start watching.

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